Angel of the North



“We Succeed by Connecting People from across the World to Improve their Lives, their Business
and their Future, through Innovation and Investment.”


With an outstanding reputation as a place to live and work, the UK is the natural home for ambitious foreign investors and their families.

Here are ten good reasons to invest in the UK:


  1. The UK’s education system is widely respected throughout the world with Internationally renowned school and universities, a thriving independent sector, and well-funded state sector.

  2. We also possess world-class talent, we excel at research and development and innovation.

  3. From a tax perspective, the UK can be an attractive base for wealthy individuals and families taking advantage of the special tax treatment available to those not domiciled in the UK.

  4. The UK is one of the most attractive places in the world to raise a family and to enjoy the freedom and security that comes from a global democratic nation.

  5. The UK has a stable democratic government and a respected system of law.

  6. We are in the right time zone to trade with Asia in the morning and the United States in the afternoon — and, of course, we speak English, the language of global business.

  7. We continue to attract more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) than anywhere else in Europe. And we are the number one choice in Europe for key strategic investments.

  8. British Pound considered a 'safe haven' currency.

  9. Direct international flight connections to all major cities in the world.

  10. It is easy to see why more than 1,600 new businesses start up in the UK every day.


There are few places with such a rich culture as the UK. With its ethnic mix of population and a long and interesting history it is a fascinating place to explore.