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Secure investment created exclusively for Indefinite Leave to Remain
What is an Investor Visa Bond?

A unique 100% guaranteed custom investment bond for investors seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. through the Tier 1 Investor visa route.

Why is our corporate bond 100% risk free?

Our corporate bond is 100% risk free, because the issuer and guarantor are a leading and global UK FCA/PRA regulated bank, with the appropriate highest credit rating. Furthermore, the bond itself is credit rated A reflecting an upper investment grade and not the riskier BBB as many other bonds within the Tier-1 investment market have historically been.

The 100% capital guarantee – is issued by the supporting bank.

  1. Our corporate bond investment has a 100% capital guarantee, meaning the investment will return 100% of invested capital. (guarantor is a leading and global UK FCA – Financial Conduct Authority/ Bank of England Prudential Regulation Authority regulated bank)

  2. Provides competitive returns on Investment

  3. Every bond investment has its own ISIN – (International Securities Identification Number) code, allowing trading and settlement.

  4. Provides multiple opportunities for capital growth.

  5. Guaranteed to satisfy the UK Home Office regulations for Tier 1 Investor Visa

  6. Created through leading UK top-tier banks

  7. Each bond is developed by experienced investment industry professionals and based on market leading research and economic analysis

  8. Enhanced returns without the typical and equivalent level of risk

  9. Clients pay no investment management fees or discretionary fees

  10. Client invests directly with the UK bank through a UK stockbroker

  11. Returns backed by qualifying UK shares listed on the FTSE100

  12. Investment bonds designed for £1m, £2m, £5m and £10m

Our structured corporate bond reduces investment risk considerably by incorporating full capital protection into the invested sum. Each bond design is unique - considering the market conditions at the time of design. Benefits include:

  • Investors required to make investment into a qualifying corporate bond

  • Investment amounts will be £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m

  • Investment into a structured design with full capital protection

  • Continuous monitoring of clients’ qualifying investments ensuring visa compliance

  • End-to-End solution for ILR and Citizenship

  • Preparation, representation, and submission of visa applications

  • Monitoring and updating client on any immigration rule changes