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Name: LK

Nationality: Indian

Where did you live before coming to the UK:  Dubai, UAE

Motivation of moving to the UK:
UK is a multi-cultural place which has something for everyone. It is a big market and opening up for all kinds of businesses. For family person like myself – it provides a safe and expat-friendly society. Hence, the decision to move to UK.

Why did you decide to choose Fresh Business Services?

FBS is a very efficient team. We decided to go with FBS as they came with a recommendation from our CEO. They are known for the quality of their work and we are happy with their services.

Could you give a testimonial please:

FBS easily understood our requirements and helped us refine our Business Plan with their valuable inputs. They have always been very prompt and updated us on the progress of our application at every stage.

They are up to date with the requirements of the Endorsing Body and the UK Home Office and that really helped us in the efficient processing our application.

Great Team, Knowledgeable and Supportive. Big Thanks to Fiona and Team!

Would you recommend us to your friends/colleagues?

Yes, definitely would recommend.


MA has invested with partners into a London based company, providing sports management software for clubs, coaches, associations, and leagues. Their vision is to become the leading software for sports facilities and service management in the world by unifying the way grassroots sports and clubs are managed under one single solution.

To become the main access gate for sports activity bookings worldwide. Their expected ROI (return on investment) after 5 years is x 50+ ($150M USD).