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The Sole Representative visa allows overseas companies to set up a commercial presence of their business in the UK, by sending over a senior representative to the UK. The Sole Representative visa offers any overseas company to set up a brand, of subsidiary, of their parent company in the UK.


A Sole Representative Applying to the UK, Must be an Overseas National Who is:
  • An employee of a business outside of the UK planning to set up either a brand or a subsidiary in the UK.

  • A senior member of the company, but not the owner, and has enough skills and authority to make business decisions on the company’s behalf.

  • Replacing a previous sole representative.

  • An employee of a newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting company outside the UK.

  • Not a majority shareholder of the business. The Sole Representative is responsible for establishing a branch or subsidiary of the overseas business and making key business decisions on its behalf.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for a Sole Representative Visa?

The organisation must:

  • Be an active and trading overseas business;

  • Have and will continue to base its headquarters and centre of operations outside the UK;

  • Intend to open and operate a brand office, or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK; and

  • Be setting up its initial presence in the UK.

The applicant must:

  • Have a great deal of experience, skills, and knowledge of the parent company and its industry;

  • Hold a senior position in the company and can make independent decisions based on the parent company’s behalf;

  • Not be a major shareholder, or have any significant control or stakeholding in the business via a partnership agreement or sole ownerships;

  • Have the required knowledge of English; and

  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves and any dependents during their residency in the UK.

Length of Stay

Sole Representative visa application is for a period of five years, after which an applicant can apply for permanent residency, known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK.